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What The WEB 3.0 is? And How Does It Differ from the web 2.0?

Web 1.0: read-only. Web 2.0: read-write; Web 3.0: executable; Web 4.0: cerebral.

what about web 1.0?

It’s Read-only, Static websites that transmit text info, with limited interaction abilities with the users you can just receive information in web 1.0

what about web 2.0?



It read-write permissioned set of websites and applications, unlike web 1.0, web 2.0 makes interactions possible and easier between the website and its users, thus it encourages contribution, collaboration, and knowledge and skill sharing, for example, are Youtube, Wiki, Facebook, and so on.

Ok, what’s the deal with Web 3.0?

It’s an executable set of websites and apps that are dynamically interactive between machines,  involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain, that’s the main layer that makes difference with web 3.0

What web 4.0 would look like?

It’s cerebral, Well we’re not sure yet but we’d say that it’d involve augmented reality and virtual reality that interacts directly with our brains, this means our brains would be connected by a chip to the internet and the rest of the world, then we’d be able to upload, import and export data directly from our brains, how cool is that!

what are the web 3.0 goals?

  • It’s our data, so we should make money out of it and sell it optionally.
  • Anyone, from anywhere, can run an internet business, not just the big monopolies.
  • Anyone can pay and get paid with any currency they wish to.
  • Nothing should be monopolized.
  • Managed, controlled, and governed by its users.
  • Open source so that everyone sees and improves it
  • Collaborative, social, and interactive

what about the web 3.0architecture?

  • Decentralized politically and physically
  • Blockchain is the base layer for payment processes.
  • Encryption technology guarantees privacy and security
  • Governed and managed by every stakeholder.

Artificial Intelligence in web 3.0?

Computers can understand language and information just like us, humans, thanks to combining AI with natural language processing.

How will web 3.0 change the internet?

Web 3.0 is a transparent layer of the web where we interact freely without worrying about our privacy and security, which would create a trustful spiderweb of knowledge across the internet helping us in every aspect of our lives.

What does Web3 have to do with the metaverse?

Web 3 hopes to incubate a metaverse that will be built on blockchain systems and protocols, that is run across many computers across the world instead of big monopolies, and thanks to this decentralized web, the Metaverse ownership would be also possible and trustful thanks to NFTs, and where we live, work, and play, and build things by our own hands instead of just playing with them.

is web 3.0 a thing? Is it already here?

Well theirs is no direct definition of web 3.0, but we can see that we’re moving towards a new computing era, a semantic web, which makes machines able to read and interact with the internet content more efficiently than us, humans.

what companies use web 3.0?

Most companies are following this trend and are transforming or even migrating to the web 3.0 concepts, including Meta (Facebook), Amazon, Apple, and Google,

Also, more companies are getting into web 3.0 modes and applications such as developing games, NFTs, 3D graphical museums, concerts, and events…