Inspiring, This Dog’s Purpose in life (from a 6-years-old)

It’s a painful and obviously unfair reality. We’d like to keep our furry friends with us for the rest of our lives. Despite the happiness and joy they bring into our lives, dogs will not live as long as humans. But unfortunately no matter how happy, healthy, or the breed of the dog is, it’s a hard fact that dogs will never live as we do

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When a veterinarian went to the Belker family’s house to put their dog down, he had a touching experience.

As their beloved pet passed away and crossed the rainbow bridge, the family gathered around him. This is the tale he told about the Belker family and their considerate son.

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Shane’s explanation of dogs living shorter lives has gone viral, and people are loving it. Please read on.

The gifted boy explains why dogs live shorter lives than humans.

the Veterinarian:

“I was asked to assess Belker as a veterinarian since the dog’s owners, Ron, Lisa (his wife), and their young son Shane, were all very attached to him and hoped for a miracle.

I examined Belker and discovered that he was suffering from cancer, in fact, dying of cancer…  I told the family that we couldn’t help Belker and offered to do the euthanasia operation in their house.”

Ron and Lisa told the vet how they believed it would be a good idea for Shane, their six-year-old son, to see the process as they made their plans. They expected Shane would learn something from the experience.

The vet felt the same catch in his throat the next day when Belker’s family surrounded him. Shane appeared so peaceful as he petted the old dog for the final time that the vet worried if he realized what was going on. Belker went away quietly in a few minutes. The youngster appeared to accept Belker’s transition without trouble or confusion.

Dog during examination.

They all stayed together for a while after Belker’s death, lamenting the tragic fact that dogs have shorter lives than humans. “I know why,” Shane, who had been quietly listening, said:

Surprised, Everybody turned to him,  including the vet as he got amazed by what came out of Shane’s Mouth. He had never heard a more comforting answer. He claims that it has affected the way he will strive to live.

“We, Humans, are born in hopes of learning how to live a good life – by loving everybody and always being kind, right?”

The six-year-old gifted boy continued,

 “…and well, dogs already know exactly how to do it, so they don’t have to stay and struggle as long as we do.”


Keep it simple, speak kindly, love generously,and  .care deeply.


Keep in mind, if a dog was your teacher, you would learn:


  • Always run to greet your loved ones when they get home.
  • Never miss the chance to take a joyride.
  • Allow yourself to be thrilled by the sensation of fresh air and breeze in your face.
  • Take some naps.
  • Before getting up, stretch.
  • Every day, run, romp, and play.
  • Allow people to touch you and thrive on attention.
  • When a mere growl will suffice, avoid biting.
  • On hot days, lie down on the grass on your back.
  • Drink plenty of water and lay under a shady tree on hot days.
  • Dance around and wag your entire body when you’re happy.
  • Enjoy the simple pleasures of a lengthy walk.
  • Be dependable.
  • Never try to be someone you aren’t.
  • Dig till you find what you’re looking for if it’s buried.
  • When someone is having a rough day, sit near by and gently nuzzle them.


These were the secrets of love and happiness we can learn from a dog, do you know someone who loves dogs you can inspire? Share this heart-thouching story with them.