Identical Twins Married Twins Both Pregnant, Doctors found…

Oh, God! This cannot be real!

His brow furrowed as he took in the 2 photos in front of him. Then he hurried over to their medical records/charts to look for their blood work. It made no sense.

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Briana and her sister watched with increasing worry as the doctor’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “How is this even possible?” he said. Suddenly, he stared at them with horror in his eyes.

A Special, Rare, and a Strong Bond

Briana Deane and her twin sister Brittany have an unusual connection. They were more close than any other twins they had met. When it came to dating, though, they preferred to keep their love interests private until they were certain it was serious.



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For the most part, things worked out very well, but Briana wished she had said something sooner this time.

They’re the same, but not really!

The girls were each a one-of-a-kind women, with their tastes, personalities, and mindsets.

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One such example was that Brittney loves flying but Briana was scared of it, making holidays difficult. Their uniqueness, however, did not protect them from the troubles that life pushed them to face together.

The Same Difficult Childhood

Brittney recalled a frightening creepy hospital visit when they were both very young.

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All she knew was that they were both in pain and struggling to breathe, while their parents yelled at the medics for not knowing what they had been doing. Following that, the twins developed a fear of medical professionals, which would be tested sooner than they expected.

Secrets are awaiting you Twins!

Briana met her future spouse while attending a twins festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. Josh Salyers was his name, and he had a twin named Jeremy. As sparks flew between Briana and Josh, Brittany and Jeremy casually talked.

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They quickly fell in love, and it was time to let Brittany know that she had finally found her soul mate. Brittany, on the other hand, had a secret of her own.

So much Better than expected!

Briana noticed as her sister’s face changed from surprise to admiration as she told her everything about Josh Salyers.

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Her reaction made no sense until she answered back and told her that she had been dating his twin brother, Jeremy and that things had become serious.

..and yes, All Under One Roof!

The girls fantasized about having a white wedding and living in the same house with all four of them. They wished to live together under one roof to be as close as possible and to stay involved in one other’s lives.

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But first, they had a mission to do. And they’d soon discover that this wasn’t going to be the fairytale they’d hoped for.


First and hard Doctor Visit.

They needed to see a doctor. All they wished to do was talk to a midwife, but the entire family ultimately forced them to go to a dull clinic that smelled like disinfectant.

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Places like this had always been loaded with bad news. Their hearts began to rush when the doctor entered, wearing a little frown. Was the news bad?

Proposal for Two

Not long after, Josh and his twin, Jeremy, proposed to Briana and Brittany at the very same time. They did everything together since that is how the two sets of twins have lived their lives.

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They married and bought a house to live in together. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but deep within Briana’s head, all she could think about was the doctor’s strong warning.

Such a special wedding!

Brittney and her sister Briana made news when they announced their engagement to another pair of identical twins.

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TLC offered to pay for the entire wedding if they could record and telecast the ceremony when the tale went viral. It was a magnificent event that was unlike anything I had experienced in the years building up to this momentous day.

Briana was overtaken with emotions and tears as she walked down the aisle to get married with her twin and Only friend right next to her, And the great bliss remained throughout the honeymoon.

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Of course, it wasn’t long before they were both pregnant. The fantastic news, however, was followed quickly by an unfortunate reality.

Keeping the Faith after all!

Brittany was three months pregnant when she miscarried. Briana was four weeks behind her, and she was afraid that the same thing might happen to her. After all, they inherited the same body.

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It was just as predicted after a long wait. Briana followed in her sister’s footsteps and miscarried around the same time. It was a painful loss, but it won’t discourage them.

There was an Extra Warning..

Briana and Brittany were expecting their second child in less than a year. This time, their pregnancies went very smoothly, and their medical visits were more regular.

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But they were given another warning. They listened as the doctor made clear how unusual this situation was, and how little they understood about the dangers of such a medical anomaly.

Advice Ignored

The doctor sighed as he sat across from their group. “Ladies, I thought I advised you to come to talk to me before having a family.”

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Briana’s hairs on the back of her neck rose in rage. “No, you said that to our mother.” He shook his head and took a folder from his pocket.


ugh! How dare he?

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It had something to do with her and Brittany’s medical background. He then used terms like testing, health, pregnancy preparation, and a slew of other medical jargon.

She gripped her husband’s hand even tighter. Who was he to tell them they couldn’t have babies now? She was going to punish him when the following piece of news broke her heart.

Passed-On Genetics

The doctor went on to explain that because of their earlier genetic abnormalities and the planned tests on their spouses, there was a possibility that both she and her sister’s baby might be born with the same flawed genetic defects.

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Their babies might be just as ill as the girls were when they were the same age!.

Two Suggestions

“It’s your body and your decision,” the doctor added, “I just wish you had been here so we could have properly prepared.”

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“All we can do now is keep a close eye on everything and be careful.” Briana began to cry as she leaned into her husband. Two ideas raced and fought in her mind.

Unusual Discoveries

His eyes widened as he examined the two images in his hands. Then he rushed over to their medical records to look for their blood tests. It made no sense.

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As the doctor’s eyes darted across their scans and test results, the twins became increasingly concerned. What did he see?


“Is everything all right?” Briana’s eyes were drawn to her twin, which was next to her laying on the ultrasound table. The doctor’s mind suddenly stopped. His eyes widened in shock as he sighed deeply. As he neared the twins, his hands fell to his sides.

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What had gone horribly wrong? Is this what he had cautioned them about? But what he was going to say broke all expectations, even his own.

Not cousins!

The doctor took a seat next to the twins and detailed what the test results were beginning to indicate. He was more concerned about the unknown for them. But suddenly things were starting to make sense.

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Ignoring the fact that Briana’s and Brittany’s children come from different dads and mothers, they are merely cousins. That is to say…


Genetically speaking, Briana and Brittany’s children, present or future, will always be complete biological siblings to each other as long as they remain with their spouses… even if they have different parents.


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“This is like winning the lotto for an OB doc.” “It’s truly that rare!” said their doctor. And for the couples, this finding felt just like winning the lotto.


Keeping That Smile

At that moment, the only thing they could do was go on bedrest together.


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They laughed at their identical cravings for pickles and Starburst sweets, and hugged each other tight when anything seemed “weird.”

It’s finally time.

Brianna was the first to go into labor eight months and two weeks later.



Brittney, in a regular twin way, felt her water break only a few hours later. The most difficult thing, though, was being separated. She grabbed her husband’s arm and gave it one last push. The birthing room was filled with tears.

Everything’s the same, even the Pain.

Briana’s body flooded over with wave after wave of pain, but really all she had to do was ride it out.

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She had a feeling her sister was in the same situation. They had rejected all warnings and harsh criticism. It was their life, and it was their decision. All they could do was hope for it to cease so they could learn the truth.

Fantastic News

Despite the significant danger, she burst into tears when she discovered that both babies were completely healthy.

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They had won the DNA lotto and would no longer have to suffer as they had earlier. They both agreed, however, as they held their newborn babies, that they would consult with a doctor before having more.

Trending News!

Briana and Brittany, as well as their spouses, were overjoyed to learn that their children would be siblings, especially because they would be growing up in a home with four parents!

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However, not everyone was as delighted as the twins when they learned about their remarkable story. Reporters and journalists rushed to interview them, and they happily accepted. However, as the story spread, so did opposing viewpoints.

Exceptional Situation

TLC saw the Deane sisters’ wedding as a one-of-a-kind situation and showed the complete documentary of the twins’ wedding ceremony, titled “Our Twinsane Wedding.”


The theme of their wedding was “Twice Upon a Time,” and the identical twin couples were married by identical twin pastors.

What Are the Chances?

It is unusual for an identical twin to meet and marry another identical twin. It’s no wonder that the Deane sisters’ and Salyer brothers’ story attracted the curiosity of many internet and television watchers.



The entire story caught the interest of many folks, and it garnered a lot of media coverage. While the majority of the attention was good, some people had opposing views.


The Happy Life

Some people were critical of Briana and Brittany’s very close married relationship and lifestyle. They thought it was bizarre that the grown-up couples lived together, under one roof, and planned to raise their children together.


But it made perfect sense to Briana and Brittany, for a number of reasons.

It is good and works for them.

Briana and Brittany simply happen to work at the same law firm, as do Jeremy and Josh. As a reason, they may easily commute to work together.



Both sets of twins are inseparable and couldn’t picture spending time apart from their twins, thus not having to go back and forth from each other’s houses saved energy. It’s an unique setup, to be sure, but it appears to work for them.

Still One Question

Life couldn’t get much better for Briana, her sister, and their spouses. Even though there were constantly haters crawling out of the woodwork to share their negativity on their lifestyle, they didn’t let negative comments get to them!



Despite Briana and Brittany’s honesty about their decisions, one question never fails to come…

How can they not get confused?

People always question the girls when they conduct interviews if the couples have ever been mixed up or kissed the wrong  twin.


Everything is set to go.

Brittany and Brianna are keen to contribute to their children’s raising as a multi-parent family, but that’s not all. They intended to get pregnant at the same time, which requires a lot of planning and a lot of luck.



“If Brittany was pregnant, I’d want to be pregnant as well,” Briana said. “It would be tough to be pregnant at different periods, especially with the biological changes that are taking on.”

Much More Similarities

Briana and Brittany are very aware of the uncommon lifestyle they have chosen to share, as well as the perspectives of others. Even before they met their future spouses, they intended to start a website devoted to images of themselves dressed and living in the same way.



But there’s one more thing that Jeremy and Josh have in common with Brittany and Brianna.

Soulmates, in every way!

No way, it’s even possible to find greater symmetry, Briana, like Jeremy, was the firstborn in her twinhood, while both Brittany and Josh were born second. True soulmates, in every way!



These two couples were meant to be, right down to the last detail. The quartet was overjoyed at the birth of their children! It couldn’t have gone any better.


The two sets of twins appear to have been meant for each other from the minute they were born.



Perhaps this is why Brittany was attracted toward Jeremy and Brianna gravitated toward Josh – it’s as if they intuitively understood which twin felt the most like them. If you read it in a novel, you’d think it was too wonderful to be real, but it is!

Alignment of the Stars

“The stars have to line up. I get to live with a man of my fantasies while looking over next to me and seeing my twin sister marry the man of her dreams “In an interview, Brittany said.


The chances of something like this happening are quite low. And all of the Salyer couples’ childhood wishes come true!