9 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

It’s Morning y’all! buy, Many people feel like they can’t function in the morning without a cup of coffee, indeed it is true due to their morning coffee addiction,

We care about your health and we collected for you these reasons why you should start avoiding drinking coffee on an empty stomach,



Waking up in the morning and getting a coffee is a ritual for many many people. After all, it’s our favorite miracle liquid that works as an amazing alarm clock.

Drinking coffee has various health benefits, such as can cut post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%, lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and reducing suicide risk and depression. every caffeine lover must be happy while reading this right? but please do not drink it on an empty stomach.

Please read the whole story to know why.


1. High sugar levels



Caffeine Addiction in the morning lowers insulin sensitivity, making it hard for our cells to respond appropriately to blood sugar leading to arterial deterioration and a higher risk of mortality related to cardiovascular disease.

if you add sugar to your coffee, it sweetens and enhances its natural flavor. Sugar can also cause a molecular change in  your brewed coffee.


2. Indigestion


To begin with, coffee can disrupt your digestive system. All that espresso will stimulate the release of stomach acid, and if you haven’t already eaten something, the acid might damage the lining of your stomach, causing indigestion and heartburn.

  • Avoid any brewing method such as espresso or french press that doesn’t use cellulose filters,
  • drink “stomach-friendly” beans or coffee that has undergone a steam treatment before roasting.


3. Decreases cortisol levels


Coffee on an empty stomach may disrupt your circadian cycle. In the morning, your body produces cortisol, a hormone that helps you feel awake and energized. Instead, try making a cup at lunchtime to keep your cortisol levels steady.

One other reason for delaying your morning coffee is that the caffeine in coffee might raise cortisol levels. When your cortisol level is at its highest, drinking coffee may help to raise it even higher.


4. Increases anxiety


When you drink coffee on an empty stomach, you may experience jitters. Caffeine activates your “fight or flight” response, and studies suggest that this can worsen anxiety and even trigger a panic/anxiety attack.

To stop coffee anxiety, you wanna check these suggestions out:

  • drink water
  • exercise
  • wait It out
  • take more vitamin C
  • sip on or take some herbal tea


5. Hampers detoxification


Coffee makes it difficult to manage the liver’s regular detoxification process. Remove coffee and caffeine from your system safely and watch how naturally energized you feel!


6. Concentration

Can’t pay attention

Many folks swear by their morning cup of coffee to keep them awake, but how focused are you in your daily meeting? Are your hands shaking as you struggle to stay alert? Are you looking for another cup of coffee to calm you down?

When you start your day with a morning coffee on an empty stomach, your focus levels and job performance are at an all-time low.


7. Increases Blood Pressure

Blood pressure monitor

Do you already have high blood pressure? Then skip the morning coffee. Those who don’t consume a lot of coffee or who have hypertension may develop elevated blood pressure from coffee.

The changes can last two or three hours, which is long enough to cause pain when you don’t have to! Instead, drink a glass of water.


8. Affects Your Skin


Do you want to have beautiful, glowing skin for the rest of your life? Then skip the coffee and get right to work. While research is very limited, what is known thus far is that coffee lowers collagen production.

This occurs in human skin fibroblasts cultivated in human skin. While this is the first research of its sort, it suggests that it may limit collagen formation, which is connected to skin suppleness. Furthermore, the dosage is really important. The more the amount of caffeine consumed, the greater the effect.



9. Risk of Miscarriage

According to recent research, if you drank coffee before becoming pregnant, you may have a greater probability of miscarrying your child. Any caffeinated beverages used during pregnancy may also have an effect.

While the danger exists at any time of day, not only in the morning, the most common time to consume coffee is in the morning. Caffeine should be avoided before starting a family if you are attempting to conceive.



For many folks, missing a cup of coffee in the morning is the equivalent of losing a limb! Many Americans cannot begin the day without their ground gold, totaling a $12 billion yearly investment into the economy.

What if you knew that cup of coffee, and maybe a few more, was doing more damage than good to your body? Science is self-evident. A cup of coffee in the morning can have an impact on your focus, blood pressure, complexion, and even menopausal symptoms. It may be time to fill your coffee mug with water and begin your day on a better note.